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We are a team of Social Workers and Nursing Practitioners leading a  team of  Carers who are well trained with extensive working  experience with young adults and the elderly

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Thank you for visiting our website, we are humbled that you are here. We are happy that you are considering our company for the services to look after you or your loved one.

Please go through our website, watch the videos and read the content. If you have any questions, kindly drop us an email, complete the message form on the site or simply give us a call, our team will be happy to assit you.

Rosina Nyaguze RMN

Registered Manager

Our Core Services

Supported Living

Crest care Solutions Ltd is an independent provider of supported living services for young people of either sex, age 16+. We provide single and multiple occupancy person-centred, supported living placements for young people. 

We care for young people with social, emotional and behavioural challenges at risk of social exclusion, sexual exploitation, criminal gang involvement and those from broken-down families.

Domiciliary Care

At Crest Care Solutions Ltd, we understand the peace and sense of security you feel when you live in an area you are used to living in, that is why we would like to provide you with home care services in the comfort of your homes without having to move to a government care facility. 

 We aim at providing you with a deserving quality service by paying attention even to the last detail of your requests. 

Why Choose Us?

Care Providers

Our Carers are well trained, experienced and compassionate. They have received professional specialist training and development in order to competently provide quality care and support that you deserve. All staff go through rigorous selection process including enhanced DBS checks.

We value Feedback

Feedback is key for continuous improvement of home care and supported living services we provide. We monitor the services we provide regularly through and engagement performance appraisal. This is done by getting feedback from you and your family on how we care for you and to know the areas you expect that we improve. We are responsive to all feedback and problems and deal with them as soon as we become aware of an issue and this feeds into our continuous improvement system.

Continutiy of Support

At Crest Care, we pride ourselves on providing a professional, tailored service that meets your personal needs. Our relationship with you is key hence we try to maintain the Carers providing care to you to remain the same as we continue to support you or your loved one. This is done to create a mutual genuine bond with you.

Management Support

Our management team is comprised of selfless individuals full of knowledge and skills acquired through years of working in care and support service industry and are willing to share this knowledge with their team to deliver outstanding services to our clients.

Professional Certification

We are committed to providing you with the quality care and support services that is why we have made sure our carers are well trained and have attained certificates towards each and every necessary course.

Delivering safe service during COVID-19 pandemic

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