Supported Living Services

We aim to assists young people of either gender and age (16+) who are at risk of :

  • Social exclusion
  • Sexual exploitation
  • Criminal and gang involvement
  • And those from broken-down families.

How we deliver care & support

Supported Living Services

Crest Care Solutions is a team of social workers and mental health practitioners with extensive experience working with children, young adults, the elderly, and their families. We also have vast knowledge in working with individuals with mental health needs and physical and learning disabilities.
Our supported living service aims to allow you to live independently with help from our staff when needed. Our dedicated staff will support you using outcome and strength-based approaches that harness your strengths and abilities. This is made more effective by their ongoing training and support and constant supervision to provide quality care and support.
We believe that everyone is entitled to make their own choices and lead their lives in the way they want. Our tenancy agreement allows each living in our accommodation to have the same rights as anyone living in their own accommodation.

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Care & Support

We offer you person-centred support, helping you to develop practical daily living skills and tools for managing your mental health so that you can retain your independence and dignity.

Alongside practical skills development, we work alongside you to build tools to manage your day-to-day mental health, identify and protect against triggers, and put in place plans for dealing with a crisis.

We support you to identify and engage with training, volunteering, and employment opportunities in line with your personal recovery goals. We also help you develop hobbies and engage in social activities, building informal and personal support networks to protect against relapse.

Life skills

  • Understanding nutrition and hydration
  • Preparing shopping list, going shopping
  • Cleaning & maintaining bedrooms and communal areas
  • Laundry & ironing clothing and bedding etc
  • Prompting socially acceptable levels of personal hygiene
  • Managing finances
  • Coaching on how to access welfare benefits
  • Benefits management
  • Training on how to open up a savings account
  • Understanding your tenancies
  • Support to be in touch with professional services & liaison with other agencies
  • How to access education, training, & employment opportunities
  • Coaching in accessing local Support Services, e.g. Drug & Alcohol and counselling services, and working in collaboration with GPs, Dentists, Opticians, etc
  • Health & Safety, and Fire safety training
  • Auxillary support​
  • Staff giving emotional support
  • Organizing social events & holidays
  • Respecting other clients’ religious and cultural observances
  • Re-establishing contact with family and friends
  • Conflict resolution between neighbours or other tenants
  • Personal Care
  • Prompting and support with personal hygiene
  • Management & administration of medication

Client Group

We mainly target individuals who require some level of supported living care services.  We also consider those vulnerable people with complex needs.

Client Group

We seek to assist individuals with one or more of the following conditions or problems:

  • Acquired Brain injury.
  • Challenging Behaviour
  • Mental Health Needs
  • Asperger’s Syndrome
  • Learning disabilities
  • Unaccompanied asylum seekers.
  • Young people with accommodation emergencies.

Client Group Needs:

These are some of the areas we support our clients:

  • Encourage them to take their medication.
  • Assisting with re-establishing and sustaining daily living and social skills
  • Planning of in-house and external activities to reduce boredom and isolation.
  • Support to engage in therapeutic interventions and attend specialist day care services
  • Assistance with personal care issues
  • Help with meal preparation and supervision whilst eating.
  • Assistance to manage their challenging behaviour and complex needs.
  • Continuous monitoring of clients because of them being vulnerable to exploitation from others.
  • Support to participate in community activities.
  • Guidance to identify and enrol in colleges or training courses.
  • Companionship and befriending to reduce social isolation when living alone
  • Assistance to claim and manage their benefits.
  • Assistance with registering and attending appointments with primary care services.
  • Escorting to appointments, shopping and recreational activities
  • Assistance with organising holidays and trips

Supported Housing

At Crest Care Solutions, accommodation is primarily provided to individuals at risk from the ages of 16 to 25 years of age.

Through supported housing services we aim to allow you to live independently with help from support workers whenever required.

We allow you to make your choices, to independently lead your life with assistance from support workers.

You will have a tenancy agreement and will enjoy equal rights to someone living in his/her accommodation.

Living in a supported housing scheme, allows people to live in a house as if it’s their own, where they feel safe knowing that care or support is close whenever they need it.

Our supported housing services are personalised to meet and address your needs. The level of assistance is agreed upon from the outset with each client.


Entertainment and recreational pursuits have been identified as important aspects of our work with individuals. We encourage our clients to develop and engage in interesting activities, inside and outside their home.

Education & Vocational training

We value education and training as it promotes an independent lifestyle.  Clients tell us about their ambitions and aspirations and are encouraged and assisted to access a range of educational and occupational activities in line with them.

Overseas Holidays

We offer you opportunities to go on group or individual holidays to any country as well as planning and budgeting for the trip.

We also offer additional social care services for families and children of all ages as follows:

  • Supervise contacts for children Looked after and for parents in private law proceedings, weekend and after hours.
  • Welfare visits
  • Support social workers to place children.
  • Act as responsible adults for police interviews
    Support asylum seekers to attend Home Office interviews.
  • Community assessments for families in PLO.
  • Assessments- SGOs, viabilities, parenting assessments.
  • Support social workers with life Story Books and later Life Letters
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